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Pork + Plants World of Flavors

With our pork pairings flavor wheel as your guide, you can experience its ‘world of flavors.’

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Fresh pork pairs well with fruits and vegetables that are seen across the world.

Find the region you want to explore and try a new recipe!

Pork is Good For You!

  • Pork is a nutrition powerhouse packed with protein, fresh pork cuts containing over 20g of protein per 3oz serving.
  • Nutrients in fresh pork, like choline, zinc and vitamins B6 and B12, may help regulate mood and feelings of wellbeing.

Flavor on Flavor on Flavor

  • Pork can have as many as 110+ unique taste experiences.

There’s a World of Flavor in Pork

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All data pulled from USDA FoodData Central
* Impossible products only have data available for 100g (4oz) portions
* Agarwal S, Fulgoni VL III. Association of pork (all pork, fresh pork and processed pork) consumption with nutrient intakes and adequacy in US children (age 2–18 years) and adults (age 19+ years): NHANES 2011–2018 analysis. Nutrients. 2023;15(10):2293.