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Introducing Pork & Partners, your new community focused on the needs of nutrition professionals. We’re here to provide free continuing education opportunities, exciting events, featured recipes, evidence-based handouts and peer-reviewed research. Join us to access resources and support to take your practice to the next level. 

Continuing Education

Expand your knowledge and stay ahead while earning free CPEUs for RDNs and NDTRs. Choose from a variety of topics that are top of mind for today’s consumers and gain new skills to enhance your professional development.


Stay up to date with the latest nutrition research and expand your expertise in specialized areas to better serve your clients and community.

Pork & Partners Featured Recipes

Empower your patients and clients with our collection of nutritious recipes. These recipes are designed to help them achieve their health goals while enjoying delicious, satisfying and plant-forward meals that pair perfectly with lean pork.


Pork & Partners Community for Nutrition Professionals

Join the Pork & Partners Community and unlock a wealth of resources to help you take your professional development to the next level. You’ll gain access to exclusive free CPEU opportunities, exciting events, patient-facing materials like evidence-based handouts and recipes, as well as the latest pork-funded research and updates from the nutrition team at the National Pork Board. Avoid the FOMO – join our community today!

Join the Pork & Partners Community

Nutritious Recipes for You and Your Clients

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Browse our collection of evidence-based resources, practical tips and recipes to learn how lean pork is the perfect protein partner on a balanced, plant-forward plate.