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Pork Connects Us

Pork Fillet Potjiekos

Food has a special way of uniting friends and family together around a table. Whether it is at your kitchen table, dinner at a local restaurant or a virtual gathering with friends far and near, it is one of the best ways to slow down and savor the connections that fuel us.

Neo Nontso (Johannesburg) and Chef Ludo Lefebvre (Los Angeles) take you and your taste buds exploring as they exchange tips and tricks for how to make Pork Fillet Potjiekos, a traditional South African stew.

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Inspiration from the Experts
Rosemary Honey Pork Chop
25 min

As featured on Food Quest with Mario & Courtney Lopez! This famous rosemary-infused honey glazed pork recipe will ignite your taste buds and take you on a tropical journey to the Caribbean.

Coconut Curry Pork Meatballs
25 min